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Since the Jó szórakozást magyarul! book was not done for beginner learners, we would like to help you decide with the following reading comprehension test (PDF). We provide the right answers at the end of the test, so it can be checked once it is taken and it will be clear, if the book is usefull for further studies.

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You can order our book from the webshop or you can buy each chapter and the related audio file seperately. We take orders from Hungary and any other regions/ countries wordwide.



We hope that our teacher colleagues will find pleasure in this book. First of all, because the book provides new exercises and on the other hand it brings humor and fun to the classes.

All the teachers are familiar with how much time it requires to prepare for the intermediate classes. It is not enough to find the proper, authentic source, because interesting and usefull tasks must be created related to the subject. Not to mention the outlook.

The Jó szórakozást magyarul! makes the teachers work easier. The interesting and entertaining texts have related reading comprehension monitoring tasks, and the students can solve these as homework. Last but not least the book will bring a great atmosphere to the Hungarian language classes.


„This is, without doubt, the best Hungarian language book I have ever used. It combines modern methodology with genuinely interesting reading texts. There are great exercises to practice language in context which help to build vocabulary and to develop grammar.”
Bill Collinge, language teacher, United Kingdom

„I can relate to this book two ways: as a learner, and as a teacher. For me as a learner, the book is full of surprises and challenges. I have been learning Hungarian for over ten years, and they said the book would be too easy for me, but I found plenty to learn. The exercises make you scratch your head and think a bit! Another very strong element of the book is the materials pooled from two authors, which makes it colorful and solid, in spite of its compact size. Going through the book, I feel how personal it is–as if it were saying to me, “relax and enjoy learning Hungarian!

As a teacher of English as a foreign language, I see an unusual amount of variety in the exercises. That anwers a critical need, because learners vary so greatly in their styles–for example, some are analytical, while others learn best by association. This book speaks to different students with different ways of learning. There is something new in each unit–synonym practice one time, antonyms the next time, here practice with verb forms, there error correction. And no “gapfill fatigue” like with other books!”
Mary Sousa, USA

„I’m a former Hungarian Language and Literature graduate whose fluency has suffered owing to lack of practice over the last 10 years. Jó szórakozást magyarul! has been great for reviving my interest and refreshing my memory. The exercises are systematic, challenging and have reminded me of the playfulness of Hungarian.

I’m able to use the book independently, and there are lots of texts which are the perfect length for short or long hops on public transport. Thanks to the authors for providing this essential resource!”
Helen, digital media producer-designer, United Kingdom

„Gabriella Kiss was my teacher of Hungarian and I remember our classes where she tested some parts of the book with us!  I remember all of these stories and jokes and our discussions and new words that popped up in the conversations. It was fun!

I had sat and suffered through many boring language courses before and I wish those teachers had used such fun exercises in their classes…  Now finally there is a good source. Don’t miss it. Use it.”
Aliya Rakhmetova, Budapest