Kiss Gabriella

I graduated from ELTE Teachers College in 1992, majoring in Hungarian-Russian teaching. I received my second degree in 2002 from Pázmány Péter University Faculty of Humanities department. In 2009 at the University of Pécs I received a degree in Hungarian as a foreign language.

I have been teaching Hungarian as a foreign language in universities, multinational companies and language schools since 1992. In addition I have been working at the Department of Hungarian Studies at the Zagreb University in the Faculties of Humanities and Social Sciences in Zagreb as the native Hungarian lector.

My article on thoughts on choosing the study book and writing the study book has been published in the THL2 (Teaching Hungarian as a second Language) journal, edition 2012/1-2. In this article I wrote about that why I and my co-author considered it very important to write the book, Jó szórakozást magyarul!.
I was the co-author of the book Hungary Inside and Out PONS edition in 2014. It gives a colourful insight into the Hungarian culture, customes, everyday life and language. It has been published in English. In the past few years I have been participating and giving lectures in international conferences in Berlin, Zagreb and Beijing.
Beside innovation of the curriculum, I am highly interested in the methodology, in the culturally specific items, cultural realms and in the contrastive grammar.

Molnár Ilona

I graduated from ELTE University Faculty of Art in 1976. I majored in Hungarian and English. I begun teaching in the public education where I taught for several years and additionally I have worked as a freelancer. I have been involved in theatre, fine arts, literature and artistic dance. I started to teach Hungarian as a foreign language for non-natives in 1980.

I taught Hungarian in Beijing at the Beijing Foreign Studies University between 1997-1999. Following my return to Budapest I worked for international companies, universities and lanuage schools as a Hungarian language teacher. I moved back to Beijing in 2010 where I have since been working for the Beijing Foreign Studies University and for the Beijing International Studies University. Beside Hungarian language I teach literature and culture. I also edit the current curriculum of the Hungarian studies of the university.

I believe that language is the tool of connections and communication. First and foremost I would like to give this communication tool, the key to an other culture, to my students.

I feel that Jó szórakozást magyarul! which utilises both of our teaching methods reflects this philosophy: have fun while teaching and learning.


We hope that you will find as much joy in the book as much as we have enjoyed the process of the creation and writing of the book.

Béla Kesztehelyi – drawings, cover, typography, upmaking

Béla is a graphic designer at a multinational furnishing company. Besides his previous book designs ha has been creating illustratons for books, magazines, cards and even record jackets. He is interested in collectible cards, roleplaying games and contemporary literature. He is actively invilved in music, as he is playin gin a music band. We would like to say a big thank you for Béla Keszthelyi for his creativity and talent that has been a great support in the creation of this book.

Rita Hegedűs – proofreading

Rita Hegedűs is the author of many well known Hungarian language books. We would like to say thank you for her help and usefull advices.

Our students

Special thank you to our students, who have been heroically reading with us and they took the long process of tryouts and corrections with great patience.

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