Jó szórakozást magyarul Instagram and Facebook Contest

Instagram game is on! | Have fun, take a picture and win!

Join us in our new Have Fun and Take a Picture promotion contest of Jó szórakozást magyarul! All you have to do is take a picture while having fun during your class or study time and share it on your Instagram. In order to be able to participate in the game do not forget to tag your picture with #joszorakozastmagyarul hashtag.

Teachers and student are both welcome to play. Use your imagination and take a creative picture while you are having fun learning or teaching Hungarian.

The winner’s prize is one copy of Jó szórakozást magyarul! and the related audio files. The best picture will be shared on our social media sites.


The closing date is 11th of March 2018.

Only one photo per contestant.

And we accept only one, the first photo from each account.

Contestant pictures must be tagged  with #joszorakozastmagyarul hashtag.

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